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                                                                    COMPETITIONS PROGRAM

                                                                                      DURING THE HOLIDAYS PERIOD

COMPETITION starts at 12h15 every day

TUESDAY               flèche
WEDNESDAY     flèche -12 Years (open to everybody)
THURSDAY           chamois
FRIDAY                    flèche
SATURDAY           flèche

booking in  ESF offices until 11 am 

inscriptions to competition

24 h before on- line
The same day before 11a.m
The competition starts at 12h15
FLECHE geant slalom on Tuesday8,00€
FLECHE geant slalom on Wendsday8,00€
CHAMOIS special slalom on Thursday8,00€
FLECHE  geant slalom on Friday8,00€

                                                                        TORCHLIGHT DESCENT

ON THURSDAY 18pm , open to all childs

Ligne Pictos