Practical Advice

Our advice for a serene stay! 

The advice below is destined to all lovers of the  mountain. The mountain is beautiful but can present hazards.
Basic safety precautions must be taken during a winter sports trip. The following information is important for everyone.

Before leaving :

  • In the morning, you must eat a substantial breakfast and keep yourself hydrated. The fresh air, the cold and the physical exercise will consume a lot of energy.
  • Dress warmly: the mountain is cold (especially when it it windy.)
  • Wear thermal base layers, several layers are better than one thick jumper. 
  • Make sure you wear the correct size boots.  Good socks will protect your feet but never put one pair on top of the other (blood won't circulate and your feet can freeze). 
  • Never forget to wear a hat and gloves.
  • Use goggles or sunglasses. Sunlight reflects off the snow and can damage your eyes.
  • A helmet will protect you if you fall.
  • Use suncream and lip balm even if the sun isn't shining.
  • Remember to adjust your bindings according to your weight, size and level.
  • Remember to take out  insurance, emergency assistance can be very expensive.

On the slopes :

  • Always pay close attention to other skiers. You could collide into someone, injuring both yourself and the other.
  • Never stop below a mound, a skier descending will not see you and could collide into you. 
  • Never stop in the middle of a piste, go to the edge to prevent accidents.
  • You must control your speed  and your trajectory.
  • Eat energy rich foods, keep hydrated, and rest, the altitude and the cold will tire the body faster than you'd expect.

Protect the mountain :

  • Don't throw litter from the lifts or leave litter on the snow.
  • Imagine the landscape when the snow melts: don't leave dangers for the wildlife. 

Questions / Answers :

  • Where is the ESF located ?
The ESF at Montgenèvre has 2 offices: Espace Partenaires (8h45 - 18h) and Place des Neiges (8h45-12h30) >See map

  • Which lesson meeting point must I choose?
There are 2 meeting points for ESF lessons at Montgenèvre >See map
- In front of the piste at Espace Partenaires : For all level ski and snowboard courses, Piou Piou, Personalised Lessons, Stage Competition, Super 6, cours "S" , Free Ski , Mini Champions
- Place des Neiges :
Mornings: Children's courses only from Piou Piou to l'Etoile d'Or
Afternoons: Children's courses only from Piou Piou to 3rd étoile, Personalised Lessons (except Snowboard)

  • How do I book a course?
You can book our collective courses directly on our website.
For Personalised Lessons, Nursery, Snowshoe walks and Outings, please contact us:
- by email :
- by telephone  04 92 21 90 46 or 09 64 12 65 35
- by post: ESF Montgenèvre Espace "Partenaires" 05100 Montgenèvre
  • What happens with the level assessments?
Children enrolled in collective courses will take the assessment during their lesson on Friday. At the end of the lesson the instructor will present the results and award a medal to each child that has followed the course during the week.
The étoile de bronze and étoile d'or have two parts to the assessment, a timed test on Thursday and technique on Friday.

  • Is the Skipass included ?
Skipasses are not included in the price of the courses.
You can buy our "all inclusive" formulas Ski lessons + Skipass.
Families (2 adults + 2 children minimum) can benefit from a family skipass the "Forfait Famille". It is imperative to purchase this pass 12 days prior to your arrival in resort from the website Remontées Mécaniques.
ESF offers a beginner package for children aged 6 to 14 years at levels  Flocon to  2nd étoile, for sale with Childrens Collective Courses.
  • Is insurance included ?
Course participants are not insurred by ESF. To avoid risks and financial difficulties of an accident, we advise you to take the  "TICKET NEIGE". You can add this insurancewhen buying your skipass.

  • Is equipment included?
ESF does not provide skis, snowboards or other equipment. You can hire equipment from rental shops in resort: Locations Montgenèvre.

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