Children's Levels - Alpine Skiing

Alpine ski courses :


  • I have never skied before.
  • An introduction to skiing and the equipment during a week spent at Club Piou Piou (children's garden).
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  • On varied but more or less flat ground I can I can control my speed and use different ways for moving with my skis on. 
  • I am improving my snowplough turns.
  • I can ski straight downhill with my skis parallel and stop using a snowplough turn. 
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  • I can link a series of 7 to 8 snowplough turns bringing my skis back to the parallel position inbetween.
  • I can traverse the slope following a roughly straight trajectory. 
  • I can maintain my balance when skiing while facing down the slope (with little jumps or over little bumps, etc.) on a gentle slope.

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1ère Etoile

  • On a moderately steep slope, I can link elementary sideslip turns over a suitable marked out course.
  • I can traverse the slope following a curved trajectory, keeping my skis parallel and maintaining my edges angled.
  • I can make step turns starting from and angled departure.

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2ème Etoile

  • I can link a series of ten perfect elementary turns over a suitable marked out course on a moderately steep slope. 
  • I can ski confidently and stay balanced passing over different terrains (eg. bumps)
  • I can make basic skating steps.

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3ème Etoile

  • I can link a series of ten basic turns imposed by 10 to 12 poles on a moderately steep slope.
  •  I am improving making garlands (alternating side-slipping and straight-running while traversing).
  • I can follow a direct line to build up speed and stop with a braking sideslip.

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Etoile de Bronze

  • Non-timed runs assessing  the pupil's ability to complete perfect basic turns, with two changes of rhythm on a varied slope (alternating medium, short and medium-radius turns)
  • High speed turns.
  • Passage over bumps with slight take-off

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Etoile d'or

  • Short timed Giant Slalom.
  • Technical series of perfect broad and high-speed turns over varied terrain (slope, snow, etc.).
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Timed Tests :

La Flèche

  • Giant Slalom, 25/35 checkpoints, gradient from 200 to 250 m
  • Or : 0% to 15%
  • Vermeil : 15,01% to 28%
  • Argent : 28,01% to 40%
  • Bronze : 40,01% to 50%
  • Flechette : 50,01% to 55%
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Le Chamois

  • Special Slalom, 30/40 checkpoints, gradient from 120 to 200 m
  • Or : 0% to 15%
  • Vermeil : 15,01% to 28%
  • Argent : 28,01% to 40%
  • Bronze : 40,01% à 50%
  • Flechette : 50,01% to 55%
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