Snowboard Levels

Children :

Goomie Rider

  • Traverse the slope finishing with a rounded turn on frontside and backside.
  • Use the ski lifts.  
  • Fakie: "Falling leaf" slideslipping on frontside and backside.
  • Making a straight run with a flat board and sinking down and standing up movements. 
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Rookie Rider

  • Linking 4 to 6 broad turns
  • Fakie : making rounded sideslips from the fall line on both sides in switch.
  • Slide on a box in 50/50.
  • "Falling leaf" slideslipping on frontside and backside on a medium slope. 
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  • Linking a series of 4 to 6 basic turns without stopping around a small slalom (cones spaced around 20m apart).
  • Making small jumps whilst sliding, board flat on a gentle slope.
  • Flat and Switch - a sliding '180' in a traverse (front or back).
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  • Move along on the flat with just one foot on the board.
  • Turn round sitting down and get up.
  •  Straight slides.
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1st Snowboard

  • Slow down in a basic turn.
  • Stops.
  • Descent making basic turns.
  • Sideslipping in "falling leaf"
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2nd Snowboard

  • Straight slides with a jump.
  • Perfecting rounded turns.
  • Linking basic broad turns.
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3rd Snowboard

  • Descend passing from one edge to the other or doing ollie 180°s
  • Follow an imposed path.
  • Make short turns on a moderate slope.

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Snowboard Expert

  • Obtain the X Boarder vermeil level.
  • Link a minimum of 4  different manœuvres.
  • Slide on a box in boardslide and a 360 on a medium box (4 to 6m).
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