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Luge 4 Seasons Monty Express

1400m of length, 300m of descent!
Fun guaranteed...
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Unique in France, this luge is on a monorail and is 1400m in length, with 300m in altitude difference!

The longest in France.

The luge can go up to 60 km/h, with an average of 30-40 km/h. The average time to go down is about 3 minutes…

The circuit snakes into the forest, passing the trees and going through two tunnels before arriving at the end.

Each person can drive their own luge, manage the brakes and control their speed with total security since you are well strapped in!

From 1.25 meters tall, children can go alone and for anyone smaller they are welcome to go down with an adult. 
"1400m long with 300m of difference in altitude!"

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