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2 mins from MONTGENEVRE

The longest suspended bridge in the world.
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The Tibetan Bridge in Cesana–Claviere is the longest suspended bridge in the world at 544m.

The height is around 30m from the ground. The route which crosses the gorges of San Gervasio are formed by three cable bridges.
The pathway starts with the first bridge (70m) and crosses the gorges perpendicularly. Later on, it reaches the main bridge which is where it follow the gorges and comes up to 30m above the ground. 

At the end of the second bridge, a pathway brings you to the third bridge which is 90m long and 90m high. If you wish, you can instead arrive at the third bridge by the Via Ferrata. 

Average time: 1h30mins for the bridges, 1h extra for the Via Ferrata.
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