Our tips for a successful trip!
Before leaving :
  • You should make sure you've eaten well in the morning and that you have drunk plenty of fluids. The fresh air, cold, and the physical effort can take it out of us all!
  • Dress warmly and in lots of layers. The mountain is cold - especially when it's windy! 
  • Wear thermal underwear, several thinner layers are better than one thick jumper.
  • Make sure your boots are the correct size and wear good quality socks. However, don't put lots of pairs of socks on over each other since it can cause blood flow to stop and freeze your feet!
  • Definitely don't forget a warm hat and gloves. Mittens are even better..
  • Wear goggles our sunglasses. The sun reflects on the snow and you want to protect your eyes from sun damage.
  • A helmet will protect you from any falls.
  • Wear suncream and lip balm with SPF even if it doesn't seem bright outside.
  • Consider checking your bindings to check they are set to the correct level, your height and your weight.
  • Consider taking out insurance since mountain rescues can be very expensive. 
How to behave on the piste :
  • You should always be very careful of other skiers. There is always a risk of crashing into someone and hurting yourself and the other person.
  • Don't stop behind any bumps. If a skier doesn't see you they may crash into you. 
  • Never stop in the middle of the piste. Make sure you stop at the sides to avoid any accidents.
  • You should make sure you control your speed and know exactly where you're going.
  • Consider eating energy bars, drink plenty of water and rest when necessary. The altitude and the cold can tire your out more quickly than usual. 
Protect the mountain :
  • Never throw any rubbish on the piste or on the lifts. This includes papers, sweets or chewing gum and cigarette butts. 
When are you coming ?