Ski passes
The lift passes are not included in the prices of the courses

  • The ski pass Grand Montgenèvre
Day passPrice
Adult (15 - 64 years)41.00€
Child (6 - 14 years)29.00€
Senior (65 - 74 years)35.00€

  • The ski pass Mont de la Lune
Ski pass 6 days*Price
Under 6 years36.00€
Child (6 - 14 years)178.00€
Adult (15 - 64 years)222.00€
Senior (65 - 74 years)202.20€
Over 75 years72.00€
* Includes one day in the Milky Way, reduced rate for the luge Monty Express, a reduction on one entrance into the spa Durancia.

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If you're skiing with your family (2 adults and at least 2 children) there is a family pass available which you must reserve on the site for the Remontées Mécaniques.

esf also offers a "Pack Special Beginner" for children from 6 to 14 years old, for levels Ourson and Flocon. This is for sale only with childrens group lessons and the price is 158.50 €.
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